Pet Travel on Cruise Ships

Are you planning to go on a travel cruise? Great! A cruise vacation is one of the most fun experiences you can have in life. Are you worried about your pet during those vacations? Many owners like you are worried because pet travel on cruise ships is not commonly allowed.

Why? Because cruise ships are not suitable places for pets. Companies prefer to stay away from trouble a large amount of pets can carry. Sure, you may find a couple of cruise ships that allow taking your pet, but this comes with an -often high- price!

The most commonly known cruise line that allows taking your pets is Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2 this is a small cruise line that helps owners bring their pets. However, the acceptance of pets is limited. Cunard’s QE2 offers many destinations, but regarding the issue of the pets, it is relative to the time of the year you book the cruise and the available on-board kennel.

What are the advantages of pet travel on cruise ships? Pet owners who are very close to their animals are the ones that will be happier, small charters that accept pets help you enjoy your vacations without having to worry about your pet, specially if you don’t have anyone who is willing to take care of your pet.

You have to keep in mind, that your dogs will not be as free as in home. The kennels have visiting where you can spend time with your dog or cat, but they are very strict in order to keep order in the kennel. Finally, don’t forget to bring all the needed documentation to make pet travel on a cruise ship possible.

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Four Rules to Save on Travel and Cruise

Ah, it is the time of the year when you start looking for your next vacation destination and book for flights and hotels or cruise. And there is no better way to begin your search than looking for ways to save on your trip. Now, you may already be aware that the cost of a vacation doesn’t entirely depend on your destination. Partly, it is in the way of searching and bargain hunting that will determine how much you will spend on your vacation. Here are four most expensive aspects in your vacation and how you can save on them.


Assuming you have selected your destination, don’t book at the most popular airline yet. Check each airline that makes flight to that destination. Budget airlines may not always appeal to you, but they provide excellent discount of up to 40%-70% compared to regular and more established airlines. It’s good to search online and get familiarized with the going rate of each airline. Watch out for special offers and last minute deals that are sources of some very nice bargains. Book early – there are airlines that sell flights at great discounts of you book three to nine months in advance. So if you have plans to travel in the near future, start your bargain hunt as early as now.


The best way to save on a hotel is to schedule your trip during the off season when hotels rates are much lower. But should you decide to go when everyone else goes, it is important to learn the following tips:

1. Go online and visit travel websites. They provide comprehensive list of hotels and offer great discounts, especially if you are traveling to a high demand tourist destination
2. Integrate your hotel with a flight or as part of the tour package. Here, you will be paying for a 5-start hotel at a 3-star price
3. Staying for at least two nights at the same hotel will save you money on booking fee
4. Coupons will also help you get discount
5. If you are a travel club card or time share, it is a great time to use it

Cruise Line

Cruises do not normally offer great discounts as often as airlines do, but it also pays to check online and watch out for deals. On board a cruise, it is tempting to splurge on a little luxury, but like all the other luxuries, there are things you often can live without. Example, soda and coffee have a hefty price tag on a cruise. Skip the spa as well – you can do that at home. Skip the casino too. Bring everything you need so that you avoid shopping on board. Stores near the pier are designed for tourists hence, they can be very expensive. But shore excursions are much cheaper at pier agents than the cruise-arranged. Or, if you know the itinerary of the excursions, research online beforehand and learn how to get there. It will save you a lot.


Picking your destination is as crucial as picking your travel dates. The least crowded the destination is, the least it will cost. Alaskan Cruise from May to September is usually cheaper while Caribbean Cruise in January and February can be cheaper.

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